Frog art

2 boys, 1 obsession, and lots of pictures of frogs

Joe Godfrey
6 min readAug 20, 2017


My two sons (ages 4 and almost 6) have gotten really into frogs. Like, really really into them. Like, a teacher told me “your son has a strange obsession with frogs.” That’s an exact quote.

They also love to draw. So what do they draw? Frogs of course! But not intricate, continually developing, increasingly accurate portrayals of frogs in their natural habitat. Actually, the opposite of that.

It took a little while for the frogs to take shape:

early versions of the stick figure frog

But once they settled on this guy, they were off and running:

The final prototype

And it’s not just green frogs — tomato frogs, poison dart frogs, and other varieties get to play too:

frog culture is all-inclusive

There are camo-frogs:

blending with their environment

Swimming frogs:

frogs swimming with, um, turtles?

And frogs with strange headgear:

That’s either a mohawk or a really, really boss hat

Frogs crept into Colt’s school work pretty early:

Of course frogs can ride unicycles
Froggy has more pictures with exotic animals than I do

And pretty consistently:

Building a frog-friendly home takes planning
His friends apparently like watermelon. I hope they also like frogs

And of course they appear in his sidewalk art:

Drawn at “sports” camp

Some frogs live in tee-pees:

staying warm and dry in the snow

And others in tall buildings:

Frog Tower

They hang out with giraffes, birds and other unspecified creatures:

Any idea what that thing on the left is?

And Froggy is clearly important enough to be in the family portrait:

Um…where is Clara?

Fun fact: frogs can sing:

I love the round open mouths

And they’re skilled conductors:

Planes?, trains, and icecream-mobiles

Frogs love to play sports:

I drew those baseball gloves, thank you very much
Even the scores are realistic! 106–109 in basketball, 7–14 in football….
…and 1,000,000 to 100 in soccer. Never mind.

And they’re big race car enthusiasts:

Ricky Froggy racing his friends Toad Gerard and Kermit Norton Jr.

But maybe some wishful thinking here for the Giants 2017 championship hopes:

This team could probably compete with the actual 2017 Giants

Frogs love a party. Especially a UW Husky themed birthday party:

As a Husky fan and a father, this makes me so very proud.

And they have a diverse diet of junk food:

Sadly, this pretty closely mirrors what our kids actually eat

Symmetry is important:

This symmetry phase lasted for about 2 hours

They love shiny things:

I have no idea what’s supposed to be going on here

And are hip to the latest trends:

Colt and Cam (and Froggy) love their fidget spinners

They love to teach and learn:

Frogs are geological savants

And they’re natural explorers:

To infinity and beyond!

Frogs dream about other frogs:

What is the “?” for? Is he confused about which other frog he’s dreaming about?

And apparently fish dream about frogs too (and other fish…and the Giants):

That seems like a lot of multitasking for a fish

We’ve come to expect that any card we get (birthday, mother’s day, whatever) will include at least one frog (and usually a rainbow):

It’s the thought that counts. And I think these are amazing!

So of course, when Cam’s 4th birthday rolled around, Colt made a frog card and I decorated a frog cake, just for him:

Have a very froggy birthday!

But they’re not really obsessed, right? Right?

Frog posse…frog life



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