More photos of my family sleeping

The sequel

For some reason people really liked seeing photos of my family sleeping. It’s certainly a lot more popular than the stories about triathlons and running races that I pour my heart and soul into. Whatever, gotta give the people what they want.

So by popular demand, here are more photos of my family sleeping:

I almost could have just titled this “Photos of Cam sleeping.” Or even “Photos of Cam sleeping on our living room sofa”:

But them you’d miss these great photos of him sleeping on other people’s sofas:

Or in our bed:

Or falling out of his own bed:

Or on the bedroom floor:

Or the bathroom floor:

Or in full ‘smooth criminal’ mode with Grandma:

He’s not actually asleep here. Pretty sure. Maybe.

Or in the car:

Or in the car with his brother:

Or in the car with a barf bag (just in case):

Or snoozing with mom:

And even when he’s awake, he just looks so darn comfortable and relaxed:

Plus, I have so many other great photos of my wife Jess sleeping.

Sometimes by herself:

But much more often, she has company:

Ho Ho Ho

And Clara, bless her heart, takes it all in stride:

Even when she’s just trying to get some food:

But Jess isn’t the only one who sleeps through the commotion. Cam and I are guilty as well (ok, I guess mostly Cam):

And apparently, sleep can be contagious:

Look — Mommy’s sleeping!

Actually…that looks pretty comfy

Look — Mommy and Cam are sleeping!

Actually…that looks pretty comfy

Seemingly the only place my kids won’t sleep is in bed:


Colt sometimes falls asleep in the car:

Or on a train:

Or on the sofa:

And lest we forget…sweet baby Clara!

She used to sleep while feeding:

I miss these days

And while waiting to be fed:

Still waiting on my “Dad of the Year” award

But mostly just in beds that are far too big:

Or too small:

Need to get her a eye mask

Or occasionally just right:

Yup, that’s my 1-year old still sleeping in a pack-n-play

But never under a blanket — that’s too dangerous:

Seriously…where is that “Dad of the Year” award? Pretty sure I’ve earned it.

But she must sleep pretty well, because this is the smile that greets me almost every morning:

screw the award, this is all I really need




Husband, father, runner, entrepreneur, and occasional triathlete, who also likes to write when I find the time

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Joe Godfrey

Joe Godfrey

Husband, father, runner, entrepreneur, and occasional triathlete, who also likes to write when I find the time

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